General F.A.Q.


Where are the markets that you book located?
We manage and organize 24 farmers markets throughout OC, LA and Ventura. Click here to view all locations.

Are your markets open year-round?
Yes. All of our markets are open year-round, rain or shine.

Are your markets certified and what does "certified" mean?
Yes they are certified. "Certified" means that the Department of Agriculture of the State of California has inspected the farms to ensure the produce being sold at the markets is California grown. Whereas produce you buy in grocery stores might not have been grown in California.

What makes our markets unique?
We strive to achieve a charming European ambience in our markets which makes the shopping experience reminicent of an old town marketplace. We also provide customers year-round with a selection of fresh seasonal produce straight from California farms that are top quality among Certified Farmers' Markets.

How can I get a market in my own community?
Contact our Corporate office at 818-591-8286 and speak to a representative.

What items can I expect to find at the Farmers Markets?
Local Fresh from the Farm produce including a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
Asian Bonsai & Bamboo
Nursery items
Fresh cut flowers
Specialty Gourmet Prepared Foods
Fresh eggs
Dried fruits and nuts
Organic dates
100 % natural juices (apple, peach, pomegranates)
Heirloom Mushrooms
Oil & Vinegars
Spices & Rubs
Feta & Grape leaves
Gourmet Honey
Kettle corn
Authentic Crusty European breads
Candy apples
Gourmet frozen soups
Beef Jerky
Baked goods
Organic Dog Treats
Gourmet Coffees & Teas

We also carry hand-made arts & crafts items including:

Home furnishings
Lovely greeting cards
Fashionable kids, adult clothing and accessories
Handmade jewelry and handbags
Colorful ceramics
Gift baskets
Fragrant soaps
Charming candles
Luxurious body products

Application F.A.Q


Do I need a TEP (Temporary Event Permit) and what are the requirements to get a TEP?
Yes, if you are a pre-packaged or prepared food vendor. Please contact the local Health Dept. for their requirements.

Los Angeles-
Long Beach-

How long does it take to be approved to be a vendor?
It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to be approved.

If I apply today can I start the market this weekend?
Not necessarily. You will need to be approved first. Which can take 2 weeks to be processed. Then we have to wait until there is space available in the markets you asked for. Space depends on what is physically available as well as what other vendors that may potentially be a direct competitor to your product.

How much does it cost to be a vendor?
Pricing depends on what market you are interested in, what type of vendor you are and how many spaces you want. Please look at the application for each market located at the bottom of the applications page.

Does the market have power or water?
No, you must provide your own power and water if needed.

Can I share a 3 compartment sink with my neighbor?
No, the health dept. requires any prepared food vendor to have their own 3 compartment sink in their booth. With the exception being the Long Beach health dept.

Can my friend and I share a booth space?
No, no one is allowed to share a booth space unless you both sell under the same company name.

Starting Market F.A.Q


Who and when do I call to let know that I will not be able to attend the market? 
You must call the office with enough time to find someone to take your space for the week, or else you will still be considered responsible for the space and charged a no show fee.

If it is raining does that mean the market is closed?
No, our markets our open rain or shine. If the weather conditions are thought to be dangerous the markets will be closed. In that case we will call the vendors the day before the market to let them know.

If I am not making any money that day of the market can I leave the market early?
Each Farmers market has designated hours of operation and farmers/vendors who participate must arrive early to set up in time for the opening of the market and must not leave the premises prior to market close.

Can I use an umbrella instead of a canopy?
No, every vendor is required to have a flame retardant white canopy.

If I leave the market for any length of time will I be able to return and get my regular spot back?
Not necessarily. If market fees are paid week to week, you must pre-pay at the close of each market for the next week if you intend to participate that week. If you do not pay, we will assume you are not attending and the space may be rented to someone else at our sole discretion. There is a waiting list for most of our markets, so the space will be filled as soon as we note the no-payment. When/if you do return we will do our best to get you back into the markets and into your old space.

My set up only takes 15 minutes. Can I arrive at the market 15 minutes before the market starts?
No, absolutely not. All vendors are required to be at the markets at least an hour and a half before the start of the market. At some markets even earlier. This is for the safety of our customers and vendors alike.

Can I sell both food and crafts in the same booth?
No, because they are two separate categories they would be required to be in two separate areas of the market.

Do I need an employee agreement signed for my farm?
Yes, if you have any employees that are not family you will be required to provide this as required by the Agricultural Dept. You will also need to keep with you at the market.

Do I need a business license or sellers permit?
Yes and yes. You are required to have a seller's permit if you are selling. Please call the office for specifics on how to acquire a business for certain markets.

Do I need to be certified by Jennifer McColm, LLC before I apply to the markets?
No, but you will be required to be certified to start in the markets. If you apply to be certified before you are approved to be a vendor your certification will not be sent out until you are approved to sell.

Does the market allow retail or resale items?
No, we do not allow resale and or retail items in our markets. We ask that all non-food items be handcrafted.

Are there any extra fees at the markets?
Yes and no. There is a cleaning fee for prepared food vendors at the Century City market, and some markets require to have a city business license that can either be purchased straight from the city or through us at a better rate. Please contact the office for further information.

Once I turn in my application does that mean I can just show up at the market?
No. You must wait for approval from the market coordinator in the office, and then you must wait until we call you to let you know there is space available.

Do I have to send in a check with my application?
Only if you want to. You do not need the payment to be approved. However, because we work on a prepayment schedule we will need the payment to start you at the market. If you do send in a check with your application it will be placed in your folder and not deposited until you start.