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It's Kumquat season shoppers!

Kumquat Facts:

  1. These fruits can be eaten skin and all, so look for organic kumquats, and wash them thoroughly before eating. They are like reverse oranges — the peel is sweet, and the pulp inside is sour. When you eat them together, you get a unique sweet and sour flavor. The seeds are small so either swallow them whole, or spit them out.
  2. Kumquats were originally considered to be part of the Citrus family, but in 1915, they were given their very own genus, Fortunella. So technically, even though they look like oranges, they're not actually citrus fruits.
  3. Kumquats aren't just eaten raw. They can be pickled, candied, made into relish or marmalade, used in desserts, or added to meats