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All about Fennel!
- Fennel's aromas can play tricks on your tastebuds. In certain wineries they used to offer fennel before wine tastings, or cook old food in it, so people wouldn't taste how bad the wine was nor the food. Fennel makes everything taste good. In Italian they say "infinocchiare" when someone is duping you or is duped.
- Fennel is typical of the Mediterranean and its temperate climate. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it as an embellishment, to ornate their hair, their swords, horseback attire, it symbolized longevity and repelled spirits.
- Fennel spreads very quickly and is considered a weed in the States and in Australia. In 2010, the Los Angeles Time wrote an article on fennel conquering the city.
-  Its seeds are used in herbal teas, but the entire vegetable can be juiced for a healthy snack.