Seasonal Eating - All About Fall Produce

The changing of the seasons provides the Farmers Markets with a unique opportunity to supply our neighborhoods with region specific foods for everyone to enjoy!

Because obviously Seasonal Eating & Farmers Markets go hand in hand!

With Fall upon us keep these 4 Benefits to Local Seasonal Eating in mind and celebrate the season the Farm Fresh Way:

  1. Health Benefits: Eating seasonal foods helps to support our bodies natural cleansing and healing abilities.
  2. Sustainability: Organic seasonal foods are grown with our planet & your health in mind. Farmers rotate crops to increase soil fertility, use integrated pest management using beneficial insects rather than toxic pesticides, as well as using composting methods to dispose of organic waste.
  3. Environmental Benefits: Eating with the Seasons & purchasing local foods helps protect our environment by reducing the number of miles your food has to travel to reach your plate. Organic, Seasonal, Local foods lower fuel emissions & protect our Water and Land.
  4. Economic Benefits: by supporting Local Farmers, you support your local Economy. (and will save you money!)